How Four White MTEs Attempted to Acknowledge, Act, and Hold Ourselves Accountable for Incorporating Antiracism Into Graduate Courses for Teachers


  • Robin Keturah Anderson
  • Travis Weiland
  • Lorraine M. Males
  • Kelsey Quaisley


In this paper, we (four white Mathematics Teacher Educators) present a cycle of acknowledgement, action, and accountability where we grapple collectively with how to support mathematics teachers in interrogating characteristics of white supremacy culture. In putting this lens on our course design, we realized the need to interrogate our own practices as mathematics teacher educators (MTEs) and more personally embark on self-work as we unlearn racist, yet culturally normative, practices. In that vein, we discuss our shared tensions, doubts, and concerns, and how we interrogated our own teaching practices, which we continue to do in an ongoing process.