Leadership Alignment

Teachers’ and Administrators’ Perspectives within Two Schools


  • Tara Gabriel
  • Adriana Medina, Ph.D. Faculty Advisor


Many school administrators struggle to find a reliably efficient and effective way of stabilizing academic reform implementation within educational institutions. Questionnaire  responses were collected from two administrators and six teachers across two schools in the same school district, with the intent of examining if teachers’ and administrators’ perceptions of administrative leadership align within the same school. The findings of this research study conclude that educational leadership can be effectively implemented through the shared vision of the school, communication, collaboration, and supportive resources, along with humane characteristics utilized throughout those categories to create rapport and positive school culture. This study contributes to the greater understanding between the academic structures of top-down leadership and transformational leadership. Limitations include the small sample size, short time frame of the study, and only middle school representation. The concluding message is that by distributing responsibilities, schools have a greater change to cultivate academic and social change.