Practice What They Preach?: How Pre-Service Teachers’ Self-Efficacy in Using Culturally Relevant Teaching Practices Aligns with Their Perceptions of Diversity


  • Faith Frayman
  • Dr. Erin Fitzpatrick
  • Dr. Cindy Gilson
  • Dr. Tehia Glass



In this qualitative content analysis, we addressed the following research questions: (a) How do pre-service teachers perceive their self-efficacy in creating and enacting culturally relevant curriculum and a culturally inclusive classroom environment? (b) How do pre-service teachers’ perceptions of race and diversity align with their perceptions of self-efficacy to engage culturally relevant teaching practices? Both participants indicated the importance of the teacher education institution in influencing their self-efficacy in teaching culturally responsive curriculum. Results indicate that participants saw value in building rapport, embracing diversity, and sharing life experiences.

Keywords: self-efficacy, pre-service teachers, teacher preparation, culturally responsive teaching