Predictors of Parent-Teacher Relationship Quality in Head Start Classrooms


  • Luz Torres-Rendón University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Katherine M. Zinsser



family engagement, classroom composition, parent-teacher relationship


The ability for parents and teachers to work together serves as a foundation for a collaborative and effective parent-teacher relationship (Clarke et al., 2009). The quality of this relationship contributes to children’s school readiness and social competence (Halgunseth et al., 2009). Identifying factors that are related to positive parent-teacher relationships in early childhood settings is necessary to support positive child outcomes. The current study aims to identify teacher characteristics that may be related to effective parent-teacher relationships by exploring predictors of parents’ comfort in disclosing family information and parents’ perceptions of their classroom teachers’ practices and responsiveness. Professional characteristics (i.e. education, training, and professional development) and demographic background has the potential to increase awareness and understanding of family backgrounds (King et al., 2003) and may predict variability in classroom practices. Such results would support future interventions and provide insight on continued professional development efforts on supporting the parent-teacher partnership.





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