Implementation of an Integrated Training for Parents and Teachers in Early Head Start

A Research to Practice Summary


  • Carla Caringi Barron Wayne State University
  • Claire Vallotton
  • Ann Stacks
  • Olivia Oates
  • Anike Adekoya
  • Maria Muzik
  • Katherine Rosenblum
  • Holly Brophy-Herb



Early Head Start, Parent teacher relationships, Parent engagement, Qualitative Study


This qualitative study documented perspectives of professionals and parents who were involved in the implementation of an attachment-based training for parents and teachers in Early Head Start (EHS). Eight university-based facilitators, 20 EHS teachers, and 13 parents participated in focus groups to better understand the appropriateness, acceptability, and feasibility of Hearts and Minds on Babies (HMB); a group-based, multi-session training with the goal of supporting social emotional development in young children through promotion of reflective functioning and mindfulness strategies for teachers and parents. Data suggest that a small group format and a facilitator stance of openness, curiosity, and cultural humility promoted teachers’ and parents’ positive perspectives of HMB concepts. Participants in this study also helped us to understand challenges to HMB’s feasibility, including logistical challenges that need to be considered for successful implementation in other EHS sites.  






Research-to-Practice Summaries