Benefits of Engaging Head Start Parents in Emotion Socialization Practices




parenting, earlychildhood, social-emotional development


Developing social-emotional skills can improve children's happiness, experiences, and ability to establish positive relationships. Children from low-income families experience higher risk factors than their middle- and upper-class counterparts. Hence, fostering these skills early at home and in the classroom is essential. Past research demonstrates various interventions to reduce problem behaviors and improve emotional socialization in children, as well as the impact of educating parents on effective emotion socialization practices. Tuning in to Kids Online (TIKOL) is an emotion socialization parenting program aiming to support parents' understanding of children's social-emotional development and employ an emotion coaching style to help children understand, label, and regulate their emotions. This study examined the engagement, effectiveness, and acceptability of TIKOL in a small sample of Head Start parents. Findings support the use of TIKOL to improve parents' emotion coaching practices, reduce parents' distressing reactions to children's behavior, and reduce parent-reported child conduct problems.