Childcare Director Perceptions of the Past Decade and What the Future Holds


  • Tracey Hoffman



Childcare, behavior problems, directors, teacher retention


In an effort to learn more about childcare directors’ perceptions, this study surveyed seventeen directors in southwest Ohio. The participants were asked about specific challenges they have experienced over the last decade, and how they envision the future of childcare. The results revealed that the topics most commonly discussed by directors were related to teacher shortages, retention of staff, and an increase in children’s behavior problems. The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated many of the issues mentioned by directors, especially with the addition of new state, federal, and licensing requirements. Many also feared the permanent closure of centers due to financial strains and a lack of resources at the state and federal level. The article concludes with implications for childcare directors to be able to move forward and continue providing high-quality care and education for children and families.