Effects of an Online Emotion Socialization Intervention for Parents of At-Risk Preschoolers Enrolled in Head Start During a Global Pandemic





parent training, preschool, social-emotional development


Children from low-income families experience greater developmental risk factors, suggesting the need for evidence-based social-emotional interventions to support children and their families. This study explored the engagement, effectiveness, and acceptability of an unstudied online version of an evidence-based emotion-focused intervention – Tuning in to Kids Online (TIKOL). This pilot study within a small Head Start sample demonstrated that parents watched, on average, 97% of the ten modules across the program duration, and all reported using “quite a few” of the parenting skills taught. Outcome data revealed significant improvements in employing an emotion coaching parenting style. Distressing reactions and parent-reported child conduct problems both decreased. There were no significant reductions in emotion dismissing beliefs. High levels of treatment acceptability were reported. Treatment engagement, effectiveness, and acceptability findings from this pilot TIKOL intervention study support the need to study this accessible, online version of a well-supported parenting program approach.