Curriculum, Training and Coaching to Support the Development of Emergent Language and Literacy Skills


  • Barbara Gunn Oregon Research Institute


emergent language and literacy, professional development, coaching, video technology


This article discusses the need for accessible, practical, and cost-effective professional development and teaching materials for Head Start teachers in developing their children’s emergent language and literacy skills. We describe the components of ABCDuet, a program designed to make training and coaching in language and literacy teaching practices more effective, accessible, user-friendly, and sustainable using innovative software and video assets. We summarize a study investigating the feasibility and efficacy of ABCDuet implementation on teacher and child outcomes from an evaluation of the program in 21 Head Start classrooms. Results indicated that the program can be implemented in authentic preschool settings by teachers with varied educational backgrounds and experience, serving children with a wide range of emergent language and literacy skills. We conclude with feedback from study teachers on their experiences using ABCDuet’s technology and its components.