Implementing I am Moving, I am Learning in a Head Start Program: Strengths and Challenges


  • M. Elizabeth Miller Miami University, Oxford, Ohio
  • Dr. Stephanie Nicely


preschooler, obesity prevention, I Am Moving I Am Learning, evaluation


The I am Moving, I am Learning (IMIL) curriculum enhancement program has been adopted by many Head Start (HS) programs as a way to incorporate physical activity and movement into the curriculum. This study evaluated the implementation of the IMIL strategies within one Head Start program through the use of caregiver and teacher surveys, along with classroom observations that were conducted by trained HS nutrition specialists. This study presents barriers and facilitators to one HS program’s IMIL implementation and provides valuable insight into areas of future research and potential strategies to ensure IMIL program integration sustainability.

Author Biography

M. Elizabeth Miller, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio


Associate Professor of Nutrition in the Department of Kinesiology, Nutrition and Health at Miami University