Enhancing Early Childhood (EC) Professionals Knowledge and Practice of Measurement


  • Rebecca Jayne Gokiert University of Alberta
  • Lisa Noble Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital
  • Lori Baugh Littlejohns School of Public Health, University of Alberta




Early childhood (EC) professionals and educators (n = 159) that engage in measurement with children aged 0-6 years were surveyed to determine their level of knowledge and current practices as it related to early childhood measurement.  The survey gathered information about the respondents’ background and educational history, knowledge and competency, issues and needs, and uses of measurement tools. Given that ECD professionals are instrumental to the measurement process it is vital that they receive the appropriate supports necessary for best practice. The results presented in this summary attempt to go beyond reporting on the specific tools used and factors influencing tool selection to understand the knowledge, competencies, and training needs of ECD professionals.


Author Biography

Rebecca Jayne Gokiert, University of Alberta

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Extension

Assistant Director, Community-University Partnership for the Study of Children, Youth, and Families (CUP): Early Childhood Measurement and Evaluation






Research-to-Practice Summaries