Let the Odyssey Begin

A Globally Networked Learning Project between Germany and the United States


  • Erik Jon Byker, Ph.D. University of North Carolina at Charlotte https://orcid.org/0000-0002-2475-4195
  • Mahita Sadula University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  • Benjamin Ade-Thurow, Ph.D. Ludwigsburg University of Education (PH Ludwigsburg)
  • Florence Martin, Ph.D. North Carolina State University


Globally Network Learning (GNL), virtual exchange, intercultural awareness, Global Competencies Virtual Odyssey, digital technology, international and comparative research


In relation to the track theme of Innovative Technologies and Learning Spaces, our presentation reports on a  Globally Networked Learning (GNL) project among students (n = 54) in Germany (n= 28) and the United States (n=26). The duration of the GNL project was 8 weeks in total and included 4 synchronous sessions as well as opportunities for students to collaborate over email, WhatsApp, and Zoom. One of the outcomes of this GNL project was that students collaborated on the creation of an interactive multimedia resource called a Global Competency Virtual Odyssey (GCVO). The students in Germany created  their GCVOs on regions and indigenous people groups in the United States, whereas the students in the United States created their GCVOs on a region or people group in Germany. Student groups from each country were grouped together to provide consultations on their GCVO projects. Students presented the GCVOs at the final webinars of the GNL project. The duration of the GNL project was about 8 weeks in total.  In this paper session, we describe how we planned, organized, and implemented the GNL project with the students. We also examine the impact of the GNL project and the GCVO assignment in relation to the development of the students' global competencies and intercultural awareness, which was measured using  a pre and post survey as well as artifact analysis. Finally, we showcase examples of the GCVOs the students created and collaborated on as part of this GNL experience.

Author Biography

Mahita Sadula, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Alum of Honors College at UNC Charlotte.