Unleashing the Genius as an Adobe Creative Campus


  • Jeremiah E. Shipp Winston-Salem State University
  • Wanda White Winston-Salem State University


Adobe Creative Campus, Digital Fluency, Career Preparedness


As institutions seek to address the systemic inequities that impact Black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) students, this presentation will highlight the importance of digital fluency on the career preparedness and social mobility of students. As the first Historically Black College and University to become an Adobe Creative Campus, Winston-Salem State University has seized this opportunity to embed digital tools into our courses while maintaining alignment with program and course-level objectives. This presentation aligns with the conference theme because faculty development requires collaboration among various campus stakeholders. With intentional technology integration, students explore the value of digital storytelling.  

Digital fluency is imperative to prepare students for an evolving educational landscape and changing world. The usefulness of technology as a communicative tool to advance social change is at the forefront of our institutional strategy. During this presentation, we will describe the Adobe Creative Campus program, illustrate the uses of the Adobe Creative Cloud Express application, and examine the impact of digital fluency by sharing examples of course assignments, rubrics, and student work. By utilizing technology, students develop skills to address prevalent challenges in society. Consequently, digital fluency strengthens engagement and unleashes the genius of students.