Beyond Google Docs

Utilizing Video and Library Resources to Create Engaging Virtual Escape Rooms


  • Josh Rakower Western Carolina University


Instruction, Escape Room, Library Instruction, Information Literacy, Student Attention, Technology Uses In Education


Creating a virtual escape room can be as easy as putting together a Google form. Crafting an engaging activity is trickier. By utilizing library resources to craft puzzles and filming short videos to foster a narrative, virtual escape rooms can be fun learning resources that teach about almost any subject. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, I created a virtual escape room to help students learn about library resources. The narrative of the escape room focuses on a Bigfoot spotted roaming the library. To make the activity more engaging, several short videos were filmed to foster the narrative. Most escape room puzzles revolve around students utilizing library resources to complete objectives. The interactive nature of databases and other library resources make them an excellent tool for virtual escape rooms. Although filming video can be intimidating, even simple videos add quite a bit to narratives. This poster will help attendees learn how they can incorporate these resources into their own activities.