Special Call For Manuscripts
School Experiences of Black Girls Across the Diaspora
A Special Issue of the UERPA Journal, Fall 2020
Abstracts are invited for manuscript submissions for a special issue of the UERPA Journal on the theme of School Experiences of Black Girls Across the Diaspora. The call is open for graduate students only.
With many disparities and critical issues that impact the lives of black girls, there is a need for attention surrounding their experiences to reduce barriers confronting them on the path to college and career success. Globally, black girls are confronted with gender-bias and racial stereotypes that influence interactions with adults in school settings. Although black girls make up 8 percent of K–12 students nationally, they are more likely as a group to be excluded or criminalized from disciplinary practices. Black girls also face higher levels of sexual harassment inside and outside of schools than other groups. Additionally, black girls are more likely to be charged with assisting with parental responsibilities of younger siblings and chores that create challenges with balancing homework. For this reason, the intersectionality of black girl experiences in education involves a level of complexity that is essential to explore.
The UERPA Journal Fall 2020 Issue theme, School Experiences of Black Girls Across the Diaspora, invites manuscripts that address critical issues, education needs and approaches for serving black girls around the world.
To Potential Authors
Please submit a 500-word abstract by email to to be considered for publication. Please include "Black Girls Across The Diaspora Special Issue" in the subject title. Abstracts should make clear the conceptual or theoretical perspective, data sources (if empirical), and contributions of the submission. Abstracts will be reviewed by the review committee and notifications of acceptance will be sent to the corresponding author. Full manuscripts will be due on September 4, 2020 and must be uploaded to the UERPA Journal website: All manuscripts will undergo blind peer review. The Fall Issue will release November 2020. 
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