Teacher Empowered Assessment System: Assessment for the 21st Century


  • William Dardick The George Washington University
  • Jaehwa Choi The George Washington University


Assessment, Standardized Testing, validity arguments


The solution to difficulties with standardized testing can be found through changing policies to merge modern educational thinking with technological advancements. In this paper we ground the importance of transformation the educational assessment system in the overwhelming nature of testing, the burden on students and the link of assessments to teacher evaluation. We (1) briefly provide background in the modern evidentiary reasoning in educational assessment, (2) link this to a new system of assessment, the Teacher Empowered Assessment (TEA) system, (3) present known advancements in computer and communication technology that could support a new assessment system, and (4) offer the TEA System implications for policy.

Author Biographies

William Dardick, The George Washington University

Assistant Professor of Educational Research, Department of Educational Leadership

Program Faculty in Assessment, Testing, and Measurement in Education

The George Washington University Graduate School of Education & Human Development

Jaehwa Choi, The George Washington University

Associate Professor of Educational Research

Director of Assessment, Testing, and Measurement and Methods Program

P.I. of Computer Adaptive Formative Assessment (CAFA) Project

Graduate School of Education and Human Development


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