Call for Papers for Volume 1, Issue 1







The International Journal of South Asian Dance Intersections


Call for Papers for Volume 1, Issue 1, due out in August 2022 

Note: we are inviting the following types of submission for this volume that will focus on the pandemic:

1)    Reflections on curated works

2)    Rolling submissions (theoretical reflections, poetic writing, autoethnographic notes, artistic vignettes) on relevant topics concerning South Asia

3)    Photographs on dance across ethnographic activism and concert practice 



The International Journal of South Asian Dance Intersections is a progressive, scholarly, blind peer-reviewed, and digitally available open-access journal which seeks to publish a unique blend of original high-quality research in scholarly, choreographic, contemporary, community-building, and technical explorations within South Asian dance and its interdisciplinary intersections. It aims to bring together emerging and established voices in the field to carry forward pressing areas of discourse. Its focus remains on South Asian Dance and its many intersections with a wide a range of areas, disciplines, cartographies, communities, and populations to present the field via a new integrated wholesomeness. Featuring the writings of iconic, established, and emerging scholars and stimulate ongoing debate and discourse, this journal seeks to capture the hitherto ignored, vernacular, neglected, languishing, and quieter voices, presenting them in an inclusive, decolonised, and self-affirming frame. It seeks to publish policy, theory, and practice articles, reflection essays,  book and resource reviews, and arts-based works related to all aspects of dance appreciation in South Asian performing arts in both discursive and embodied contexts. It desires to make connections between the verbal and performative in live-performance, pedagogy, and creative interpretations through photographic representation and capture.  

The first volume is themed around the issue of Intersections and Interstices during the pandemic and will include invited and openly sourced articles, interviews, book reviews, performance reviews, screendance reviews, and photographs. As a digital-only platform, it will include seminal performance excerpts as well, all of which will go through double-blind peer review and selection process. The range of contributions should aim at indicating theoretical, performative, and/ or activist intersections and interstices in South Asian Dance. The contributions may hail from all geopolitical contexts where South Asian Dance or its variants are practiced, nurtured, or consumed. All images, photographs or footages included, including personal, archival, performance, film, television and “found” footage, must be covered by the terms of copyright as covered in the journal’s ‘Terms of Copyright’ document. 

Areas of interest for this call include but are not limited to:

  1. Meaning of dance in the Pandemic
  2. Sustainability of Dance in the Pandemic
  3. Online Pivots 
  4. Expanded movement and choreography practices 
  5. Media archaeology and the current technologies and templars of dance showcases
  6. Globalization and its influences
  7. Relationships of ontology, authenticity, and the experiential
  8. Interface between livelihoods and dance practices, especially in the time of Covid
  9. Changing pedagogies and changing patrons
  10. Lineages, Family and Autoethnography
  11. Resurgences through shifting historicities and temporalities
  12. Performative approaches in stand-alone geographies and linkages erasing borders


Schedule for themed submissions:

  1. Expression of interest and short proposal sent to Journal Manager ( with the subject line "Intersections and Interstices in South Asian Dance” : 1 July 2021 onwards
  2. Submission deadline on journal platform: 31 January, 2022
  3. Publication date: August 2022

In order to submit a manuscript to this journal, you will need a user account. Please email our journal manager {Dr. Kaustavi Sarkar} at {} in order to register.

For enquiries relating to themed submissions, please email Kaustavi Sarkar {}.



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Editorial Board

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  2.         Urmimala Sarkar;
  3.         Pallabi Chakravorty;
  4.         Sarah Morelli;
  5.         Kaustavi Sarkar; [Interim Journal Manager]
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