An Evaluation of Contextual-Fit and Value of Clinical Placements in a Dual Licensure Program


  • Kelly M. Anderson University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  • JaneDiane Smith University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  • Bob Algozzine University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  • Jacob Olsen California State University Long Beach


combined credential teacher preparation, general education, special education, clinical field placements, inclusive practices


Given continuing criticisms of teacher education, many higher education programs are turning to innovative ways to redesign their preparation of teachers for meeting the needs of students in inclusive environments. Among promising approaches are efforts to align and integrate the content and pedagogy of general and special education with participation in high quality clinical field experiences. In this research, we documented the extent to which standards and research-based practices aligned with experiences in schools as well as the measured and perceived value of participating in these high-quality clinical experiences for candidates in a dual certification teacher education program. Our findings suggest that schools vary in levels of use of inclusive practices and the field placements positively influence the development of preservice teachers’ knowledge and use of these skills.

Author Biography

Kelly M. Anderson, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Department of Special Education & Child Development Associate Professor Director of BA in Special Education & Elementary Education Dual Major Program






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