Preparing Candidates for edTPA Task 3: The Experience of One Educator Preparation Program



Analyzing classroom assessment data is a common practice for teachers; making it vital that preservice teachers learn this skill. Educator preparation programs (EPP), however, often lack formal opportunities for teacher candidates to become data and assessment literate (Mandinach & Gummer, 2016; Xu & Brown, 2016). This study examined how one EPP worked to close this skills gap for candidates by creating a culture around assessment literacy, requiring assessment coursework, and assigning projects aimed at preparing candidates for edTPA Task 3. Three distinct datasets were used to examine the research questions across time. Findings showed that the efforts of the EPP towards these goals garnered student success in improving assessment literacy through a required assessment course and high pass rates for edTPA Task 3: Assessment. 

Author Biography

Jennifer Richardson McGee, Appalachian State University

Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Associate Professor