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John R. Chaney, JD    City University of New York - LaGuardia

John R. Chaney, JD is an Associate Professor and former director of Criminal Justice programs at LaGuardia where he currently teaches Corrections & Sentencing. Before entering the world of academia he served as Executive Director for the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office’s nationally acclaimed ComALERT reentry program while simultaneously serving as the New York State coordinator for the Kings County Re-entry Task Force. He is an advisory board member for New York State's Queensboro Correctional Facility and his work in developing prisoner reintegration projects has received formal recognition by the NY City and State legislatures.    

Colleen P. Eren, PhD      William Patterson University

Colleen Eren is a criminologist and associate professor at William Paterson University. Her books include The Crisis and Bernie Madoff, The Impact of Supreme Court Decisions on U.S. Institutions, and Reform Nation: The Movement to End Mass Incarceration, published in 2023 with Stanford University Press and reviewed in this issue.


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