Counterstory: After Incarceration - short documentary


  • Joni Schwartz City University of New York - LaGuardia Community College



Mass Incarceration, Criminal Justice, Education & Returning Citizens, Re-Entry Adult Education


This short 24 minute documentary addresses one of the greatest civil rights issues of our time, mass incarceration and re-entry, through the lived experiences of formerly incarcerated college students and faculty. It is ideal for adult education classrooms as it addresses the connection between education and the prevention of recidivism. The documentary was created through the collaboration of a group of stakeholders including students, faculty and college administrators. Counterstory was an official selection of (In)Justice for All International Film Festival 2018. To view the trailer go to: todo tour or CONTACT: to secure Counterstory for educational/public screenings

Author Biography

Joni Schwartz, City University of New York - LaGuardia Community College

Joni Schwartz is a full professor and social activist scholar in the Department of Humanities at CUNY. Her research interests include critical race theory, Black males and learning engagement, mass incarceration, STEM mentoring, and high school equivalency.