Counternarratives as Truth-telling: Survival, Community & Racial Justice in Higher Education


  • Dianne Ramdeholl Empire State College
  • Jaye Jones



Utilizing excerpts from the recently published Confronting Institutionalized Racism in Higher Education: Counternarratives for Racial Justice (Ramdeholl & Jones, 2022), the authors engage Critical Race Theory (CRT) and more specifically, counternarratives as a strategy for centering the voices and experiences of racialized faculty in Predominantly White Institutions (PWIs). Counternarratives also provide space for these faculty to interrogate their everyday lived realities and struggles, and demonstrate how they actively resist silencing and erasure through collective action.

NB: The authors capitalize Black, Asian, Brown, and Latinx and not white, when referring to racialized groups to center the collective sense of identity among BIPOC communities.