Acting Out The Shared Heritage: Towards A Pedagogical Model for Liberatory Education


  • Sydney Marie Simone Curtis Loyola University Chicago


There are many connections between Liberation Theology, critical pedagogy, and the Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm (IPP). Each of these liberatory traditions can be applied to teaching practices in postsecondary education. Utilizing Thomas Oldenski's Integrative Model of Liberation Theology and Critical Pedagogy, I propose The Model of Spiritual Strategies for Postsecondary Teaching (SSM) as a practical teaching framework for postsecondary instructors. The purpose of the SSM is to provide an actionable tool for instructors to infuse their pedagogy and curricula with the values of liberatory education, derived from the disciplines of Liberation Theology, critical pedagogy, and the IPP. I begin by retracing the spiritual heritage and transformative values shared between these disciplines, and conclude with examples of teaching techniques through the SSM to facilitate liberatory education for spiritual transformation.