Gutierrez’s Concepts of Individualism and Equality as Related to Similar Concepts of Karl Marx and John Dewey


  • Jeffrey Zacharakis Kansas State University


The purpose of this research is to explore and analyze liberation theology as defined by Gustavo
Gutierrez in relation to the concepts of equality and individualism in the social and educational
theories of Karl Marx and John Dewey. These three iconic theorists wrote about educational
reform and reconstruction in response to the social conditions in their respective eras, and
achieved notoriety based not only on their own writings but also upon the proliferation of
interpretations and analyses of their writing by both their critics and followers. Marxist
sociology is incorporated directly into Gutierrez’s work and as well influenced Dewey’s early
analyses. Gutierrez envisioned equality where members within a community assume
responsibility for each other. Only in community, according to Gutierrez, are individuals strong
enough to withstand the inequality, injustice, and exploitation by others.