Gender Differences in Attitude Toward Trauma Survivors


  • DéMira Reyes Maryville University
  • Dustin R. Nadler


Trauma, Stigma, Stereotypes, Gender, Perception



This research examined the relation between gender and perception of potentially traumatic events. The societal expectations of males and females differ, especially when concerning emotions (Booth, McDermott, Cheng, & Borgogna, 2019). This becomes an issue when attempting to increase trauma awareness and support efforts of those seeking help. It is necessary to recognize how each gender differs in experiencing and/or perceiving trauma. We explored the relationship between self stigma, masculinity, and empathy among male and female college students. Participants included 141 students (72.3% female; 66% Caucasian). Students reported their perceptions of trauma and responses to scales through an online survey. Independent samples t-tests and correlations provided evidence of significantly more female participants viewing the female vignette as brave. There were also significantly more male participants that viewed the female vignette as mentally weak. This data may support the argument for a possible stigma males have toward females with trauma and mental health issues.






Empirical Research